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Perpetual Calendar of the Best Free Printables

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

One of my favorite cheap and easy ways to freshen up my home is by switching out art. And I had this idea the other day of compiling some of the best free printables I know of (including some of my own!) into a perpetual calendar of sorts. I wanted to choose prints that could be assigned to each calendar month but also ones that offer encouragement + beauty around my home just for whenever.

I love to use my design skills to offer free printables and I love that so many of my favorite artists and illustrators do too! So follow each link below to visit the original source and download the following:


Worthwhile Paper - The Main Thing


Lovely Indeed - Love You More


Make and Tell - Be the Sunshine


Honeysuckle - No Rain, No Flowers


A Fabulous Fete - Be In Love with your Life


Cocorrina - Botanical


Juniper Print Shop - Chin Up


Alice + Lois - See the Good


Honeysuckle - Some Kind of Wonderful


The Painted Hive - Dr. Suess Quote


Fox + Hazel - Grateful Heart


Honeysuckle - You Warm My Heart

So most of these are sized to 8x10 so you could either keep them in a standard 8x10 frame to change out monthly or I love the idea of grabbing a magnetic wooden hanger and changing them out that way.

I personally decided to print mine at 5x7 because I've had my eye on the brass easel that comes with 12 prints from Artifact Uprising and it works perfectly as a 5x7 perpetual calendar.

Here's some style inspiration for how I styled each print around my own home!

I hope you guys love these prints and let me know if you make your own or how you choose to display them! I love to see what you guys do so tag me on Instagram!

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