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Peeps S'mores Kit + Printable

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

My heart is swelling this Easter watching my oldest son start to understand the Easter story.

We talked a lot about how what Jesus did for us was a gift and we decided to make some gifts for our friends. I love teaching him to never miss an opportunity to love and celebrate the people in our lives and how good it feels to give (and not just get) a gift.

We went to the store and found everything we need to make some Peeps S'mores Kits.

We love to make s'more at home and use our microwave or stove in lieu of a campfire so we thought our friends might too!

All you need is some graham crackers, some chocolate and some Peeps marshmallows to make it festive. Plus our printable tags and either a stapler to do a folder tab or some string if you want to make a regular tag.

Then get as many supplies as you need to make all your s'mores kits.

Super simple and easy to have your kids do!

That's all their is to it! Like I said the printables allow you to either do a fold over tag you can staple or you can cut them to use like a regular tag with string!

I've also included a tag version that doesn't specifically have to be for Easter.

So you can do these anytime for a special surprise for one of your favorite peeps! :)

Download the You are one of my favorite Peeps tags here.

And download the Happy Easter to one of our favorite Peeps tags here.

Happy Easter to all of you, my favorite peeps! 

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